Law Society of Lesotho

Above having done some law firms' website, we are exited to have completed the regulatory body's website that brings together the whole community of lawyers. This website does not only communicate with lawyers but is an interface with the rest of Basotho nation, gather their complaints, and other communication.

Christian Council of Lesotho

As citizens of Lesotho, and a good knowledge of our history, more especially that played by churches, Zeecom felt honored to have had an opportunity to bring this rich heritage out to the public in the most professional and proficient manner. Give us a try, we are here for you.

Maluti Adventist Hospital

This Powerful Website packed with features was delivered to Maluti SDA Hospital within a month and a half. This included gathering info for all departments. This simply shows how dedicated Zeecom team is in web-related services and the professionalism they execute their jobs with. Try us!

Personal Website

Single page is one of the most popular website for companies that do not want to display so much on the internet, it is good for personal profiles, good for business card kind of display, how ever it is packed with all the powerful tools like blog and social media integration. It is also the most affordable of our options

Law Firm

Law firms also trust us at Zeecom for the good work we do. It is our pride to be able to creatively indulge into different sectors and know exactly how to portray their businesses. It is most exciting to sit down with our clients and gather their expectations and when we are done, they confess that no one could have done it better.

A Church

Seventh-day Adventist Church Website. Here are a few of our clients in different industries to show case our work. Click link below to see this website

Counselling Services

Reputable companies also trust us at Zeecom for the good work we do. It is our pride to be able to creatively indulge into different sectors and know exactly how to portray their businesses. Sesioana Counselling Services now known as Stress Management Center is now one of our proud clients. 

Car Wash (Single Page)

We get amazed all the time by the type of companies or individuals who come and show a precise understanding of improving an online presence, this we saw when this car wash business was so determined to have a website that people could request service online and it boy, it wasn't long when they saw results. Improve your online presence also!

Buildware & Hardware

We were excited to work with this hardware trading store all the way from Mokhotlong. Zeecom made a couple of rounds to Mokhotlong and made sure this company that has decided to have its bite on the online space have the best website equipped with eCommerce and capality to purchase the products online. We are proud of them! 

Zeecom First Website

Its always good to show where we come from, this does not only show and remind us of our past but also shows how quick we have developed. It also proves our experience because we have been up and down in this industry and space. You have every reason to trust Zeecom for all your webdesigns. Html, php, java script, mysql and many more languages and systems are at the tip of our fingers. 
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