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The home of technology that builds companies and shapes lives. This is the place where people are our customers not their computers. Zeecom Computers enables organizations to gain full advantage of IT to increase efficiencies, improve effectiveness, and reach new goals. With many years of experience, lots of various sized businesses and organizations in many industries have learnt to trust and utilize our services. 

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Best Prices in Town

No shop in town is able to beat our prices.
We have the best budget computers in Maseru, moreover, our after sales support is just the best, with a no complaint quarantee.

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We take branding and corporate identity seriously.

If you are serious with business or professionalism then stop using yahoo or gmail accounts for professional correspondence.

IT Consultancy

Various sized businesses and individuals have learnt to trust our services.
We provide an end-to-end solutions to support organizations, hardware, software and systems. Services include hardware and software, maintenance and support and many more.

We set high quality standards in terms of delivery and service to our clients.

There is no job bigger than Zeecom, there is no equipment you will procure anywhere for a better deal than at Zeecom, there is no better customer experience and after sales-support you will get anywhere better than at Zeecom.
We work hand-in-hand with Network Engineers, Master Electricians, IT infrastructure design teams, and Vendors to constantly find the right solution for the inevitable curve ball thrown by management. We have helped clients juggle the changing demands of location, budget, timeline, personnel, and technology.